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Wine Two Five is your weekly pour of wine edu-tainment. As wine educators, we strive to provide our listener community with not only wine education, but fun, consumer empowerment, and encouragement to try new things to enhance your wine-sipping lifestyle.

Valerie Caruso, DWS, CWE, FWS

Stephanie Davis, CS, CWE, FWS

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Feb 15, 2018

In honor of the Olympics, we thought we’d geek a little bit about Greek wines. The Olympics have come a long way since their origins in Olympia back in 776 BC. Because this year's event is being held in South Korea, we bring it home, along with the gold, with a factoid on Korean Soju. There were pairing puns, Soju stories, and a new segment letting you know where in the W25 world Steph & Val are ... besides behind the mic, noses in the glasses.




A very high-level flyover of some Greek wine regions, accidentally pairing them with winter Olympic sports. Soju stories and a new segment. Wine Education, Wine & Spirits podcasts. Wine Edutainment