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Wine Two Five is your weekly pour of wine edu-tainment. As wine educators, we strive to provide our listener community with not only wine education, but fun, consumer empowerment, and encouragement to try new things to enhance your wine-sipping lifestyle.

Valerie Caruso, DWS, CWE, FWS

Stephanie Davis, CS, CWE, FWS

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Jun 25, 2015

We’re rapping basics on bubbles and giving you the lowdown on sweetness labeling terms. Brut? Extra dry? Do you know which one’s sweeter? It’s not what you'd think! Steph digs up some great boozy quotes, & someone please take the Bourbon away from Val before she says “fo shizzle” one more time … **NOTE** We...

Jun 18, 2015

More drinking, thinking, and clinking is on deck this week as we take a peek under The Wine Heroine’s cape, toast our dads, & rap boozy gifts for Father’s Day celebrations.  There’s some bottle talk about bottle shock with Steph before Val geeks out on some bottle glass history. Why should we thank the British...

Jun 11, 2015

This week we have Muscat any way you want it – dry or sweet, fizzy or full-on bubbly, light or boozy & all-around delicious. We pontificate on the varied & versatile varieties. Steph’s dog, Eisen, is our first guest on the show & has something to say. Weird wine facts? Got 'em. We wrap up with wicked awesome wine...

Jun 4, 2015

There’s a good chance it’s a martini, beer, or Scotch. It is Negroni week, after all! This week we equip you with some protocol for there really is a time to spit, a time to swallow, a time to rinse, a time to dump. Also? Don’t drink & try to say, “Scratch & sniff. Just sayin’. We hope you enjoy this week’s...