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Wine Two Five is your weekly pour of wine edu-tainment. As wine educators, we strive to provide our listener community with not only wine education, but fun, consumer empowerment, and encouragement to try new things to enhance your wine-sipping lifestyle.

Valerie Caruso, DWS, CWE, FWS

Stephanie Davis, CS, CWE, FWS

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Jan 19, 2017

You may have those wine geek friends. You may be that wine geek friend. We may be those wine geeks who may have had a little too much fun with this episode. Either way, we’ve all experienced uncomfortable slurping and spitting situations. Steph and Val dive to the bottom of the spit bucket to banter about keeping our inner – and outer - wine geek in check. Steph has a great factoid about Meade. Val tries to rap. We’re gettin’ silly with it. (Recorded Dec 2016)


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