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Wine Two Five is your weekly pour of wine edu-tainment. As wine educators, we strive to provide our listener community with not only wine education, but fun, consumer empowerment, and encouragement to try new things to enhance your wine-sipping lifestyle.

Valerie Caruso, DWS, CWE, FWS

Stephanie Davis, CS, CWE, FWS

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May 7, 2015

Opening up the mind & opening up the pink … without opening up the wallet too wide. Let your wine shop experts help you select wines in your price range & out of your normal comfort zone to rock your summer sipping.

Buck up! Because pink? It’s not a sissy wine (regardless if Val & Steph are drinking it at 11 a.m.) If it has a dragon on the label even better.

A Chianti clue will wrap things up & get you ready for Episode 5. We hope you enjoy this episode of Wine Two Five!