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Wine Two Five is your weekly pour of wine edu-tainment. As wine educators, we strive to provide our listener community with not only wine education, but fun, consumer empowerment, and encouragement to try new things to enhance your wine-sipping lifestyle.

Valerie Caruso, DWS, CWE, FWS

Stephanie Davis, CS, CWE, FWS

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Jun 25, 2015

We’re rapping basics on bubbles and giving you the lowdown on sweetness labeling terms. Brut? Extra dry? Do you know which one’s sweeter? It’s not what you'd think! Steph digs up some great boozy quotes, & someone please take the Bourbon away from Val before she says “fo shizzle” one more time … **NOTE** We update & clarify the "straight" whisky comment/definition in another episode. It's 2 years, but required to be on the bottle if less than 4 years.